General Installation Guide

Please Do Not Worry
  • If by any chance the lip becomes distorted upon arrival, simply put the lip back into the plastic bag that came with, lay it on a flat surface under the sun for 1 day. The lip is made by Poly-Urethane (PU) material, its very durable and flexible, Sun heat will make it go back to its form, and we suggest to put some weight on the wrap/bend area that will help it straighten out better.

  • If sun heat wont fix the issue, please use a heat gun to gently heat up the distorted area and twist in in to the correct shape by hand. Under conditions of high pressure and temperature, parts can become distorted. The polyurethane material can be adjusted back to its original shape when heated and stays that way after it cools down.

For installation

  1. Please do the prep-work before apply 3M Double Side tape, sand and clean the inner side of the lip with alcohol pad.

  2. Apply 3M Double-Sided tape (Not included) on all the edge, so theres no gap between the lip and bumper.

  3. Use heat gun to adjust the fitment if needed. When you heat up the lip with heat gun, the material will become soft and easy to adjust to any angles, it help the lip to stick to the bumper easier, so there will be no gap between lip and bumper. (Use the heat gun to heat up the lip from the inner surface, and dont heat up same spot for too long or it will damaged the surface of the lip)

  4. Apply the screws that comes with and bolt them onto both end of the bumper.

  5. Make sure your bumper is attached to your vehicle when install the lip. The lip will not fit if the bumper was removed from the vehicle.
    (Note: The bumper needs to be installed on the vehicle in order for the front lip to fit. It was clearly mentioned in the general installation guide. When the bumper was not installed on the vehicle, it was not fully stretched, thats why the front lip will be few inches short because the front lip was molded on the original bumper that was installed on the vehicle.)